We know how it is, how it feels, what you encounter and how things can be solved faster and SMARTer. The founder of JOSKO Smart FlexWork has worked in this branch his first years after arrival in the Netherlands, at various companies. In addition, we have very good contacts with companies within the logistics, food, production and agricultural sector.

Founder Josko: "I know the flex work from the inside and the outside, as an employee and as an employer, and in this way I can perfectly switch and build bridges between the two mentalities." Do you just want to work and have everything arranged quickly around your registration, without endless administrative procedures?

Are you looking for continuity in your (flex) work and growth and development opportunities?

Then you are at the right place at JOSKO Smart FlexWork.

We offer our flex employees:
  • Flex work within the logistics, food, production and agri sector, that really suits you.
  • Future perspective; we offer continuity in your work and invest in training opportunities for our people.
  • No unnecessary contacts and forms; we can easily be reached physically and digitally.
  • Short lines; we know what is going on and are there for you to help you.
  • Our best efforts to place you with a customer where you feel at home.
  • Do you come to a workplace that feels completely good and really suits you? Then you are satisfied, the company where you work is satisfied and only then are we satisfied. We want to stand up for this and this is our ultimate goal.

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